Announcement: How to Audition

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PostSubject: Announcement: How to Audition Announcement: How to Audition EmptySun Oct 25, 2015 11:30 am
Would you like to Join the Team?

Simply create a new topic post!

To join us, you must first be motivated, active and engaging!
You must submit a clip that is a minimum of 1min30 and if you are submitting a collab your part must be more than 1min. MEP parts will not be accepted as a submission.

How to submit your video?

To send your video correctly, you need to follow the steps below.
Clip information (example: What program did you use, How long did you take etc ...)
Motivation (We would like to know what motivates and drives you)
Clip Details (Anime, Music, Software because it is important for us to know what software you usually work with.)
Viewing Link (Download Link and or Streaming Link)

How do we judge?

Each available member will view and comment their thoughts on your auditioning video. They will give constructive feedback along with either a YES or NO vote. If you receive more YES votes than NO votes you will succeed in joining RSS. Conversely if you receive more NO votes than YES votes you will not succeed.

If you are not successful do no hesitate to try again, we value determination and perseverance very highly!!!

Please feel free to contact us in private or via Skype to have betas of your clip, and help you improve it before you audition!

Good luck everyone !!
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Announcement: How to Audition
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